Full Day Fishing

Reef, Wreck, and Offshore

The Experience

Full Day: Our typical day is spent on or outside the reef. This type of fishing is for anyone who has an interest in fishing no mater what skill level. We will use several different live baiting techniques which includes pilchard chunking, kite fishing, and use of live baits for bottom fishing. These techniques create a fast paced action filled experience that will get any ones blood pumping. There is nothing else like seeing masses of yellowtail in the chum line, schools of tunas behind the boat busting baits, 30 pound king fish sky rocketing 20 feet in the air on a live bait, or even packs of lit up sailfish surrounding the boat. Multiple hookups are extremely common and will keep you busy fighting fish all day long. Fishing the reef and wrecks is very diverse and gives the anglers a chance to catch many different species in a full day. I personally recommend a full day offshore to anyone that wants to have an unforgettable day on the water.



All Year Round

Target Species

Sailfish, tuna, wahoo, dolphinfish, mackerel (king, cero, spanish), snappers (yellowtail, mangrove, mutton), groupers (blacks, gag, red, Goliath), bonitos, jacks (Crevalle, bar, amberjacks), barracudas, and sharks

Trip Length

This is an 4 or 8 hour trip you will never forget.


Full Day: $2,200 (8 hours)

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